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  • About MASMOVIL Group
  • When was the MASMOVIL Group founded?
  • Who founded the MASMOVIL Group?
  • Is it a Spanish company?
  • What does the MASMOVIL Group focus on?
  • Does it have its own network?
  • How many employees make up the MASMOVIL Group?
  • How many customers does the MASMOVIL Group have?
  • What revenues does the MASMOVIL Group have?
  • What was the MASMOVIL Group's EBITDA in 2015?
  • Can I become a shareholder of the MASMOVIL Group?
  • What are the next meetings for MASMOVIL Group’s shareholders?
  • Where can I see economic and financial information on the MASMOVIL Group?
  • I want to know more about the MASMOVIL Group's board of directors.
  • How is the share capital of the MASMOVIL Group divided?
  • Where can I find a MÁSMÓVIL store?
  • How do I get in touch with shareholders and investors of the MÁSMÓVIL Group?
  • How do I contact the press of the MASMOVIL Group?
  • How do I contact the Customer Support of the MASMOVIL Group?
  • Do you want to work with us?

The MASMOVIL Group is the fourth largest telecommunications operator in Spain that offers fixed-line, mobile, and internet products to residential, business and wholesale customers, through its main brands: Yoigo, Pepephone, MÁSMÓVIL and Llamaya.

MÁSMÓVIL was founded in 2006. It was founded as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). In recent years, MÁSMÓVIL has experienced rapid growth and has become the fourth largest telecommunications operator in Spain with its own network of fixed and mobile telephony.

MÁSMÓVIL was founded by two young entrepreneurs: Meinrad Sprenger and Christian Nyborg. Meinrad Sprenger is currently the Managing Director of the MASMOVIL Group.

The MASMOVIL Group is a Spanish company, founded in Madrid.


The MASMOVIL group focuses on the telecommunications business, both fixed-line and mobile.

The MASMOVIL Group has its own 3G and 4G mobile network and deployed nationwide fixed fibre network infrastructures, which makes them one of the main players in the Spanish market. It also has agreements with other operators in Spain to use other mobile and fixed-line networks, making it one of the market operators with the best levels of coverage for both fixed-line and mobiles in Spain.

More than approximately 500 employees.

The MASMOVIL Group at the end of September had a total of 4.7 million customers of which 4.6 million were mobile customers and 70,000 fixed broadband customers.

The MASMOVIL Group has a revenue of about 1.1 billion euros, considering the aggregated data from the group’s three companies in the 12-month period June 15-16.

The company had an EBITBA of approximately 117 million euros, considering the aggregated data from the group’s three companies in the 12-month period June 15-16.

Yes, you can contact inversores@masmovil.com for more information.

You can check for the next MÁSMÓVIL General Meeting of Shareholders here.

You can look at informative documents on MÁSMÓVIL here.

In this link you can get to know the members of MÁSMÓVIL’s Board of Directors.

Its share capital is divided into 19,951,100 shares in circulation, they are listed on the  (Spanish Main Stock Market), with a market capitalisation of over 500 million euros.

Find your nearest MÁSMÓVIL store here.

You can contact investors using the e-mail inversores@masmovil.com

You can contact the press using the e-mail comunicacion@masmovil.com or the telephone number +34 694 435 788.


You can contact us through our social networks:


Or if you prefer, you can call us on 900 696 912 if you are not a customer, or on 2373 if you are already a MÁSMÓVIL customer.

Send a copy of your CV to our Human Resources team (correo@masmovil.com).

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